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Audits play a key role in how your company PROVES IT (verify) that it is following the appropriate procedures. Whether for proper food safety practices at food and beverage processing facilities, GMPs, or other, knowing that your team is operating with integrity at all times is important. Let Savour help you to define your metrics and obtain useful data to help your company to IMPROVE IT. Audit data can be used to show suppliers you have a system that is in control,  validate policies and procedures and more. 

Savour provides actionable audit reports to your team and can assist the following types of audits.


  • Supplier
  • Processing Facilities
  • Logistics (Distribution, Warehouse, Transportation)
  • Retail (Food Service, Restaurants, etc)
  • Food contact packaging materials, food-related items and personal care products
  • Food warehouse and distribution facilities

All food operations should have an internal Quality Assurance system. This system will assist in preventing foodborne illness, ensuring compliance with local, state and federal health department regulations, and help to build a solid food safety culture within your organization. Furthermore, a best practice QA system will provide brand protection. Savour Food Safety International can help your team establish an effective QA management system that is preventative rather than reactive. 

Our experienced team conducts audits using our custom audit program to provide useful metrics and reports that can help keep your QA management system in check.