James O'Donnell


James O’Donnell, formerly, the Sustainability, and Food Safety Leader for Hussmann Corp. St Louis, MO. He worked as a cross functional resource with New Technologies Development, Environmental Health, Risk Assessment and Safety, and Reliability and Durability groups at Hussman Corp. He also served as the Regulatory Liaison working with all levels of regulatory food safety.

Before joining Hussmann, James worked at Huvepharma Inc. as the Microbiology Laboratory Manager, conducting and managing research and quality control of veterinary pharmaceuticals in feed animals. He has had a highly eclectic career path ranging from Pastry Chef to Pressman and Sailor to Middle School Science Teacher.

He frequently speaks at professional conferences and to community groups on a variety of topics such as Retail Food Safety, Urban Agriculture, Industry and Regulatory Relations, Food Ingredients, Organic vs. GMO, and Alternative Career Paths.

James holds many offices in trade organizations. He is a past President of the Missouri Environmental Health Association and currently serves as their Board Advisor. James served as the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Affiliate Council Chair and was a member of the Managerial Board for the Journal of Food Protection from 2015–2017. He currently serves on the Executive Board of National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) Business and Industry Affiliate. He is also Chair of the Sponsorship Committee for Center for Food Protection (CFP). 

He is an eclectic individual with diverse experience searching for the best ways to improve the world. James enthusiastically pursues the use of ground breaking technologies, techniques, and paradigm shifting ideas and is always eager to discover new challenges that lead to food industry improvements.