Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen is Savour Food Safety International’s Food Defense Expert.
Jamie's previous work experience includes working for Pelton & Crane as a Design Engineer/Department Lead. With her design engineering background comes an understanding and expert focus on safety and quality. She has experience in creating sanitary conditions in an engineering capacity.
Jamie believes in producing work where quality, safety, and functionality can all come together to create superior products and she brings this lens to all her Food Defense work for Savour. Ms. Allen has years of auditing experience that have given her a critical eye to identify vulnerabilities for continuous improvement opportunities within a company in order to to ensure security and safety.

She has an Associates Degree in Computer Aided Design (CAD) Systems Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Engineering Management from University of North Carolina (UNC) where she also played on the UNC women’s basketball team. Jamie loves being part of a team and fully believes teamwork plays a significant, positive role within the workplace.