Michelle Gregg

Michelle Gregg is the Lead Auditor of Code One Compliance in New Albany, OH. Code One advises farms, food processing, and food handling companies in developing and implementing regulation plans for USDA NOP (organic), USDA Grass-fed, HACCP food safety in meat facilities, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) on farms, EPA Compost site development, and others. Code One also conducts third party audits, and partners with companies to develop compliance strategies prior to introducing products to the market.

Michelle brings 15 years of experience in federal and state regulation as an auditor and business owner, previously managing a poultry slaughter house, mobile slaughter unit, organic grain mill, and a livestock farm. She brings an eye for financial sustainability with previous work as an Executive Director for a Netherlands-based crop testing laboratory, and VP of Research and Development for a US fertilizer company.  She seeks creative options that make the most of companies’ bottom lines and potential for market growth while maintaining regulatory compliance.