Sanja IIic

Dr. Ilic is an Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition, Department of Human Sciences at the Ohio State University and a Food Safety State Specialist.  A special interest of hers is microbial safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. She works with STEC, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp., etc. Dr. Ilic investigates transmission and dissemination routes, and interventions to prevent and reduce risks of contamination of fresh produce and other foods within the food systems approach. Dr. Ilic investigated food safety behaviors with the goal of determining the barriers to food safety interventions.  Research interests include microbial food safety, transmission, dissemination and proliferation of bacterial pathogens, consumer and food handlers food safety behaviors , food safety behavior and dietary pattern of cancer patients, food safety behavior and dietary patterns among people with disabilities, food safety and nutritional consequences of raw milk consumption, and food safety education.