Thomas Bell

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Bell, Ph.D., has experience in microbiology and agriculture, and holds certifications in Food Safety and HACCP. His time spent as a professor of microbiology and medical physiology at Columbus State Community College makes him a very well-rounded food safety expert.

Over the years he has worked for numerous companies, the largest being Proctor & Gamble.  During his time at P&G, he held positions such as Manufacturing Site Quality and Microbiology Leader, a Quality Assurance Leader, and a Senior Scientist.  The areas he worked in at P&G include product safety, regulatory affairs, global microbiological risk management, corporate quality assurance, and more.  As part of manufacturing site quality and microbiology, he helped to install biological and chemical laboratories for P&G.  Under global microbiological risk management, he helped prevent and mitigate micro contamination from raw materials receiving to finished products.

Including his time at P&G, Dr. Bell has been part of the food industry for > 30 years.  As a director of operations at a research and development lab at The Ohio State University, he helped to regulate the scientific testing performed on several food products including meat and cheese, to name a few.  When he was a nutritional chemistry manager at Nestle he oversaw the nutritional analysis of infant formula.  In addition to that, Dr. Bell has also been a food industry consultant for Linworth Industries, an auditor for quality, GMPs, and HACCP at AIB International, and an executive director of food QA and safety for Donatos.